7 Local Dishes K-Pop Idols should try other than Chicken Rice and Chilli Crab

Give some of Singapore's other glorious delights a chance to shine!

Local Singapore Dishes

It is without a doubt that when most Korean Idols or Celebrities visit our little red dot and are asked to share what local dishes they’ve tried, the most common answers that pop up are – Chicken Rice, Chilli Crab and a rare few might even say Bak Kut Teh.

Not that we have anything against those iconic Singaporean dishes that they’ve mentioned, but Singapore is known for its glorious food both rich in variety and depth, it also represents our country’s diverse mix of cultures over the years – it would be a shame for anyone not to try them!

Here’s a list of local dishes we think K-Pop idols and celebrities (or even tourists) should try that might just entice them to keep coming back to our sunny shores for more!

1. Traditional Desserts

Photo Credit: Darren Tan 

Share a bowl of ice kacang or chendol! Although the look of some of the desserts (like the green cendol) might seem daunting to one who is not familiar to Southeast Asian treats, we promise – it will be worth the venture. Try some other desserts including the popular mango sago, which sometimes comes with mango ice cream, or even a cooling bowl of ice longan! While these desserts may not be patbingsu, they will definitely aid in beating the heat and humidity here in our sunny island.

2. Laksa

Photo Credit: Nicole Pua

If there are dishes to demonstrate the interaction of cultures in Singapore, Laksa should be one of them – a combination of Chinese and Malay flavours infused into a bowl of noodles topped with gravy or curry (often coconut milk based) and some protein (e.g. prawns, cockles) and coriander. And of course, who can forget the scoop(s) of chilli that goes along with it depending on the level of spiciness you would like. A different kind of spice from Korean gochujang but definitely worth a try!

3. Popiah

Photo Credit: Darren Tan 

To briefly describe, popiah is a wrap filled with vegetables and meat (often prawns). While simple, sinking your teeth into a plump and juicy popiah roll is easily one of the happiest moments in life. Pair it with an otah-otah and your belly will be contented. This dish might be easy for idols to share if they’re in need of a quick and easy meal on the go or if they would like to share it amongst themselves!

4. Kaya Toast and Soft-Boiled Eggs

Photo Credit: Nicole Pua

Ask any Singaporean and they would easily tell you what kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs is – but don’t ask them how to eat it or you just might start a heated discussion.

Regardless of the weather, you eat your toast and then the eggs, or if you dip the toast into your eggs, or if you soak your bite-sized pieces of toast in the eggs, this is definitely a breakfast food that one should try at least once, accompanied by coffee or tea! The smooth, creamy soft boiled eggs go well with the sweet and creamy coconut spread made from coconut milk, which we all know and love as kaya jam, spread on toasted bread to fuel anyone up for a day of work and activities!

5. Ke Kou Mian

Photo Credit: Tzin Yi

Perhaps what might resemble ramyeon but not really. This bowl is often underestimated as ‘just a bowl of maggi mee’ but it packs punch with its flavourful soup broth, lean meat, and vegetable combination topped with an egg to bring it all together. Made with Koka noodles (hence the name Ke Kou Mian), this dish is sure to be a source of comfort and might also be a reminder of home for the travelling idol.

6. Scissors-Cut Curry Rice

Photo Credit: Darren Tan 

A variety of fried food items to choose from, all chopped up with scissors and drowned in curry or gravy (or both) – you’re guaranteed to find the sound of the scissors familiar and comforting and, quite honestly, exciting once you’ve found the joys of this extremely messy but endlessly satisfying dish.

7. Roti Prata

Photo Credit: Darren Tan 

A popular supper meal for the younger crowd – roti prata might just be the perfect suggestion for idols looking for a post-concert/performance meal! Most supper joints even have space for larger groups to catch up and just enjoy themselves as they wind down after a day and fill their stomachs with a hearty meal. Prata stalls also usually have a whole variety of foods from maggi goreng to nasi goreng as well as a variety of sweet drinks to try from.

Singapore is a treasure box of rich food dishes and the list can go on and on as more dishes are created and amended overtime – in fact, even if one were to extend their stay for a week just to try all the food, they might not even scratch the surface. Hopefully, this list gives an idea of alternative foods to suggest to your favourite idols to try (or maybe even your friends who are thinking of coming to Singapore).

What are some of your favourite foods in Singapore that you think Korean Idols and Celebrities should try at least once in their life?

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